back to article Juniper unrolls MetaFabric, new switch

Juniper Networks has rolled out a fabric architecture and switch, along with other swag. To get a handle on it all, Vulture South spent some time talking with Dhritiman Dasgupta, Juniper's director of platform solutions, to get a handle on key aspects of the release. Taking the fabric architecture first: MetaFabric is starting …


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just more stuff that can break

All that technology sounds fancy, but to me it just sounds like your making things just a whole lot more complicated, and with complication comes more bugs, across more layers, and more risk.

For me just keep it simple - separate the data from the VM, replicate data between data centers, don't replicate the VM. Have another VM(or means to build one(s) fairly easily which benefits you regardless) in the other facility with the other ip address space and the right default gateway etc. If resource utilization is a big issue then just make the VM in the other facility really small until it comes time to need it and then crank up the CPU/memory knobs.

I guess maybe I am just more old school, I still run my server network links active/passive. My fiber channel links are active active though(round robin) - though there's really no extra complexity with active active vs active passive from a FC MPIO stand point in my experience on 3PAR anyway.


Yeah, that is old school. Lots of money wasted on resources that are unused when you active/standby.

Replicating the VM doesn't solve how the VM is accessed over the WAN. Once you move a VM between DCs what is the path from the user to the operating system ? You missed that.

Think bigger.

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