back to article A steampunk VDU: How would it work and what would it look like?

Boy in steampunk fancy dress, with hat, mechanical monocle, waxed moustache, cravat and Bavarian-type jacket A steampunk VDU? Yes, I can do that Many Reg readers are fans of steampunk Sci-Fi, and so we hope you relish this little challenge posed on El Reg Forums by John Smith 19, a gold badge commentard. If you know …


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Flip Clock

Probably better along a belt than a big wheel, as this would allow you to make a command line or screen matrix.


If you're doing proper Steampunk you might as well regress to genuine Victorian technology, hire a few halls full of people working as clerks, and glue brass cogs all over them.

Otherwise paper and ink seemed to work quite well.

Much as I like Stross I can't see the point of a steam-powered VDU. What are you going to drive it with - a pneumatic PDP-11 the size of Saint Pauls?

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