back to article Samsung's at it AGAIN: SHATTERING profit records, that is

Samsung Electronics has pushed profits to yet another record, jumping 26 per cent in the third quarter, but had to rely on recovery in the chip market to do it. The Korean chaebol has had a string of strong quarters as its Galaxy mobes powered to the top of the Android table and it joined Apple at the head of the smartphone …


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  1. Jonegerton

    Non-linear exchange rates.

    8.24 trillion won = $7.7bn = £4.75bn

    6.9 trillion won = $6.4bn = £3.95m

    59.08 trillion won = $55bn = £34

    Not sure if I should buy or sell? - Should be easy to sort UK's budget deficit with a whip round the pub though - and buy most of South Korea wiht the proceeds.

    1. Rufus McDufus

      Re: Non-linear exchange rates.

      The won crashed while the journalist was typing.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sales won't grow now that their dirty tricks against HTC have stopped.

  3. Bladeforce

    Makes Microsoft look puny in comparison and theres Apple to come. Great products have Samsung and they are everywhere! Not surprising they have a good reputation away from the Microsoft/Apple fanboys

    1. DavCrav Silver badge

      "Great products have Samsung"

      Hello Yoda, long time no see.

      1. Neil Greatorex

        Hello Yoda, long see, no time.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      No it's just cheap. Once Lenovo, HTC or someone else come out with some decent Android phones people will buy those instead.

  4. erhumdm

    But the words "shot" and "foot" spring to mind

    With this Region Locking rubbish, they just shot themselves in the foot, just as they were in danger of clipping some of Apple's dominance in the mobile/tablet market (in established markets like US/UK). Yes, the chips business keeps the ship steaming along, but it wont really take off while they resort to this sort of silly buggers (pandering to the carriers).

    Personally, I decided not to buy a Note 3 because of it, and now when I look around a bit more, I see all sorts of Chinese knock-offs with Android delivering the same sort of functionality. A quick look on Chinavasion gives you the idea (full HD, quad core processor, 6.5 inch IFS screen, etc) for around £200 SIM free - as against £630 for a Sammy Region locked Note 3. OK there is no 4G right now, but it is clear that's just around the corner (since they are discounting current stock dramatically).

  5. Alan Brown Silver badge

    Wot erhumdm said...

    I have to regularly schlep between SEAsia and the EU. Having a device region locked is a no-sale.

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