back to article Intel processor chip supremo Perlmutter to quit in February 2014

Intel has announced that David "Dadi" Perlmutter, the executive VP of the Intel Architecture Group, will be leaving the company on February 20, 2014. Not coincidentally, that date will mark the 34th anniversary of Perlmutter's time at Intel. Chipzilla revealed the news in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commision …


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mother of pearl/invention?

Would be good to see him go to AMD, although I imagine he's probably forbidden to go there via non-competition clauses, etc. From the looks of things, he (and his labs) saved Intel's cookies at a time when they were being, er, crumbled by AMD. Kind of ironic if he could end up doing the same for AMD against Intel.

The plus side here being the competition would improve things for everyone. And since AMD seems to have lost some technical steam since Dirk Meyer left, the infusion of expertise would help.

Hmmm....Perlmutter... mother-of-pearl... AMD could use some...(and I'm not an Intel fanboi, more a worried AMD fan...).


no problem, time to go

He's done his job, became rich by doing so.

He'll find a life now, maybe he's having fun being an angel investor.

Lot's of opportunities available in that space, especially in Israel.

He's gonna be fine, and'll stay committed to Intel.

Anonymous Coward

Join Qualcomm? Qualcomm did recruit it's CMO from Intel after the Intel-Nokia fiasco.

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