back to article Ubuntu JuJu voodoo casts Linux on Microsoft's Azure hoodoo

JuJu in Ubuntu 13.10, due for release next week, features tools to create and run Um Bongo Linux instances in Microsoft's Azure cloud. Previous versions of JuJu allow you to set up and manage Ubuntu instances on Amazon’s EC2 and systems running OpenStack. Now techies can use one toolkit to run Ubuntu Linux virtual machines on …


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Not surprised

I'm not surprised. Azure is slowly becoming more competitive. Given Microsoft's quite awesome framework for building .NET services on Azure (And pretty decent APIs for PHP and Java), as well as support for true Windows or Linux VMs, it's understandable why people are taking notice.

Microsoft are also offering aggressive discounts for game developers who are targeting Xbox One and need dedicated servers and the like, presumably in the hope that they'll just use Azure for the other platforms as well (and pay full price).

Even though Amazon is king right now, I think the Microsoft and Google offerings are becoming increasingly competitive. And when you throw in the OpenStack clouds (with the likes of Rackspace backing it), it's going to be an interesting few years.

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