back to article Amazon lures in Kindle Fire devs: Promises fame across devices

Amazon is promising to promote developers' apps written especially for its Kindle and Fire OS. The Jeff Bezos-run tech monster has vowed to cough up a range of marketing and “economic benefits” to independent software vendors under the Appstore Developer Select programme, unveiled on Tuesday. The programme targets existing …


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Endless promises and hopes

Why is that todays business models seem to revolve around large companies providing platforms for which content will be made for "free" by external developers ?

If I have understood correctly, very few devs actually make anything at all , other than a few pennies, OK there are exceptions like Rovio but they are so rare that they exist only on the extreme far ends of the bell curve.

obviously it's the Amazons ( they are hoping) , Apples, Google, MS ( not quite) that make the real money.

Or is it just the idea of obtaining the famous "15 minutes" ?

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