back to article Squeezed budgets, data boom: We knew you'd be back for lovely TAPE

The last of the big independent tape library manufacturers, Spectra Logic, is defying predictions about tape's demise and posting ever-higher revenues. Against a background of a supposedly declining tape market, SpectraLogic revenues have grown 16 per cent year on year, helped considerably by top-of-the-range T-Finity sales. …


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I Like Tape

A tape cartridge can contain huge amounts of backup or archive data, but remains portable for taking off-site or putting in a safe. And you are completely independent of any third party.

I don't know why people keep knocking it. One reason they give is that it is slow, but why does it matter? Surely they don't stand there watching the backup? You set it going overnight or at a weekend and when you return, it's done

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