back to article Microsoft defends Azure with two-factor auth security

Microsoft's multi-factor authentication service has gone into general availability, doubling prices and giving enterprises a service-level agreement. Microsoft announced the general availability of the product in a blog post on Thursday. The MFA technology allows admins to add an additional layer of security to accounts using …


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  1. RLWatkins

    This is not two-factor authentication. Authentication factors include what you know, e.g. a password, what you have, e.g. a hardware token of some sort, or what you are, i.e. biometric factors.

    This is two or three forms of one-factor authentication. Not the same thing.

  2. Credas Silver badge

    Oh yes it is...

    How is this not 2FA? It requires a password (something you know), plus your mobile to receive a text, or your smartphone with an app, or your telephone (something you have). Sounds like two factor to me.

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    An additional layer of security using the cloud . . .

    And automated voice calls, no less.


    Since when is security automated ?

    This whole cloud thing is already quite nebulous as far as security is concerned, and now they announce bollocks like that.

    Well that does NOT inspire confidence in cloud security as far as I'm concerned.

  4. Tom Samplonius

    Re: An additional layer of security using the cloud . . .

    "Since when is security automated ?"

    Since when is security not automated? All mechanical locks are automated mechanisms. And they have been around for for about 6,000 years. So even for a Luddite, you are late to the party.

  5. gr00001000

    Webmail security

    So when will Microsoft introduce two-factor authentication to their service?

    Gmail has this. I have asked them why they don't and did not receive a reply from their 'how can we improve this' feedback service.

  6. mhoneywell


    I'm not sure why everyone is downplaying this, it's good news - apart from the extra charge. 2FA should be standard.

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