back to article Tegile: Flashness in front, hardness at the back – and new software to run it

Mutant array maker Tegile has revved its software to get a more than 60 per cent speed increase. It says array IOPS have shot up from 200K to 360K with its latest release and brags it is trampling over its main rival in "customer bake-offs". Tegile's hybrid Zebi array combines a flash front end with disk drive backend and …


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Anonymous Coward

>> Commins flashed us a screenshot of a slide comparing a Tegile 75,000 IOPS and a NetApp 75,000 IOPS array config. The NetApp array cost $475,000 list (plus $300,000 for the software) while Tegile's was list-priced at $100,000, including software. It needed 97 per cent fewer rack units and used 90 per cent less power than the NetApp system, according to the slide.

Would love to see this. I suspect Tegile is as always using a ridiculous comparison like the last generation high-end FAS6080 with the full suite of software and slowest possible disks. I don't even know why anyone bothers with them anymore -- they are picking fights they know they can't win (first with Nimble, now with Netapp). From all I read I am concluding it is a ZFS+HW packaging exercise -- no more. What's the unique value of them versus other ZFS vendors?

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