back to article Joyent turns cloud into a Riverbed content-delivery network

Midsize cloud Joyent has partnered with network appliance vendor Riverbed to create a "Content Delivery Cloud" to give developers on a budget a way to push data closer to users and reduce load times. The Riverbed Stingray & Joyent Content Delivery Cloud service was announced by Joyent on Monday, and it lets the company's four …


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not good enough

Nice try but not good enough(network wise)..CDNs are plentiful, and costs are not high. If your going to go with a new CDN player consider someone like Instart logic they recently came out of stealth mode. Their service is alright, their technology is pretty sweet. Costs aren't bad since they too are needing to compete with the big guys out there fighting for market share. Their network is decent.

They don't like being called CDN I don't think though, they are more application streaming (the difference is important if you look at how their tech works).

I can't say CDN in general gets me excited so I'm not going to say anything too outlandish.

That said I think Zeus, I mean stingray is a good product I used it for about 8 months in EC2(as a load balancer+ caching layer). Very easy to use, worked very well for our needs at the time (EC2 limitations aside).

If your in the market for a software only load balancing system Zeus (sorry I just like that name more) is quite good. When we moved out of EC2 I opted to go for Citrix instead of Zeus in part due to better MySQL load balancing(zeus had none other than layer 4) and integrated SSL VPN. Though now that I have used both Citrix and Zeus (and many years of F5 experience) I would recommend Zeus over F5 and Citrix for a new customer that needs something easy(ier) to manage.

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