back to article Twitter announces it's going public, via Twitter

Bird-backed babble network Twitter has filed for an IPO. The blue avian-branded company announced on Thursday that it had submitted an S-1 form to the US Securities and Exchange Commission in, of course, a tweet. "This Tweet does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale," the social network cautioned. At the time of …


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  1. ElNumbre

    How can they print money?

    I can't quite figure out how they intend on making money? The relatively low-level of ad's surely can't be paying for the service, and unless Twitter radically changes, I don't see how they plan on making the large profits expected by investors. And if Twitter radically changes, surely their user base will flock to 'the next big thing™'

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: How can they print money?

      They (being the founders and investors) make money by going public and convincing the gully-bird public to buy shares based on nothing more than popularity and a vague promise to somehow 'monetize' their user base.

      1. Pete 2 Silver badge

        Re: How can they print money?

        > convincing the gully-bird public to buy shares

        While hoping that twitterers' memories are as short as their tweets and that they've forgotten what happened with the Facebook floatation.

        As for long-term growth: how does 150 characters sound? (100 for you, 50 for the advertisers)

    2. Oninoshiko

      Re: How can they print money?

      While the exact numbers aren't known, Business Insider's fag-pack math looks pretty compelling to me that they actually are profitable.

      That leads me to the question what long-term growth plans to they have that requires such a short-term influx of capital.

  2. ecofeco Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    And that's the end of Twitter

    I never used Twitter nor found any appeal to do so. I've seen too many fads come and go so quickly on the Internet that I pegged Twitter as just another one.

    While going public may not spell a soon end for Twitter, it certainly indicates that it is TOO popular. This almost always seem to result in a degradation of useful service as the company starts to act like it knows what's best for the end user. Remember, AOL thought it owned the Internet as well. Where are they now? (recent example: Win 8)

    Eventually, even the mighty FB and yes, even Google will go away to be replaced by something else.

    But Twitter? Remind me, what was it about them that improved my life?

    1. g e

      Re: And that's the end of Twitter

      As soon as 'shareholders' get involved - that's when services start to suffer cos then it's all about monetisation and getting a return. No mystery there.

      How the hell Twaddler proposes to create a sound investment opportunity, though, yet eludes me and, I suspect, them also.

      If you ever wanted confirmation of a bubble post-facebook (why their stock is so high is a mystery to me, they're becoming ever more irrelevant), watch this IPO.

    2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Re: even Google ?

      Alert: Instance at node 684:357 is malfunctioning. Send in reclamation units for deconstruction and rehabilitation.

    3. Brangdon

      Re: And that's the end of Twitter

      It's been going for long enough to show you were wrong to dismiss it as a fad. And of course it won't improve your life if you don't use it. It improves my life by providing news and entertainment.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Twitter IPO?

    Though I respect that a lot

    I'd be fired if that were my job

    After killing Jason off and

    Countless screaming argonauts


    Bluebird of friendliness

    Like guardian angels it's

    Always near


    (may be of use to the CEO if he's in need of a theme tune---call TMBG @ (718) 387-6962)

  4. gerdesj Silver badge

    South Sea bubble

    I'll put my mark in the sand here and now:

    The Twitter IPO will go down in history and be quoted in future school textbooks on financial matters.

    I am not an expert on these thing, just a simple commentard. However I see parallels with past err snags in t'money markets.

    "I have lots of daffodil bulbs for sale for {insane price}" or "We're big in Indochina" will become synonymous with "I've got a huge fail whale"



  5. Nym

    When will I get to be a twit

    And tweet my comments? I mean, jeeze.

  6. PaulR79

    Yay more ads....

    I'm sure this will mean a massive increase in the already ever increasing ads I see. No wonder they took such drastic actions against 3rd-party clients - those clients don't show ads. Unfortunately they don't do push notifications either so you're left with a choice of one, the other, or a mix of both and none of those choices are particularly nice.

    1. mrdalliard

      Re: Yay more ads....

      Twitteriffic for iOS has no ads and has push notifications.

  7. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. C 18

    Ads, me arse

    Twitter, Facebook, the internet...

    IT just wants your data...

    Your data is a commodity...

    IT is being traded between 'other services and companies DataGatheringInc(TM) feels you may or may not be interested in, from time to time and the bits in between...'

    IT's in the small print...

    And your spambox...

  9. Ant Evans

    At last

    a chance to recover your FB losses

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