back to article Google thrusts cash at developers in emerging countries

Google is preparing to dispense a couple of hundred thousand dollars in prizes for developers in emerging countries who are willing to take its cloudy platform for a spin. The Google Cloud Developer Challenge was announced by the Chocolate Factory on Thursday, and sees the ad-backed search behemoth offer developers from around …


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And the winner is:

Akilele Mbwati and her all girls team from the Democratic Republic of the Congo producing a wonderful web application which will make a real difference to the people in the neighbourhood: Google H2O QC™, an application that alerts all downstream residents of the Luvua river of drifting crocodile dung through postings on Google+ with GPS-tagged videos submitted by other users. This enables all participants to avoid contaminated water by only fetching some when there's no Turd-Alert™.

The minor inconvenience of having to hike 420 miles to Kabinda to up- or download the current water status will surely soon be a thing of the past when everyone will have an affordable smartphone [~$22?] and a Google-Loon™ hovering over the village.

Anonymous Coward

It's all about brainwashing these people before they get a clue.

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