back to article Cisco pours cash into log management startup

A remotely hosted log management company has garnered $10.5m in filthy valley lucre from Cisco, Data Collective Venture Capital, and others. The funding round brings Loggly's total funding to date to $20.9m. The company's hosted service lets companies upload server log files into a central repository, where they can then run …


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Keep on loggin'

All your logs are belong to us!


I must be missing something...

The whole concept sounds unnecessary and underwhelming. What problem is this trying to solve other than more cloud for cloud sake? Let's think about the kinds of info that can be present in logs; firewall activity exposing all sorts of IP, topology and traffic info, or authentication logs packed with firstname.lastname login ID's. Bundle in some activity/usage logging linkable to those ID's and these innocent logs have quickly become Personally Identifiable Information.

And just look at that sweet list of age old insecure/unencrypted logging protocols. I checked the website and there is no VPN offering or even one use of the word "security" in the product overview an FAQ. See icon.


No local agents??

Dear Loggly,

Please do what hackers aim to do (and hopefully can't) - get the logs off my server without me installing anything on it or otherwise changing anything to give you access.

Warm regards,


This topic is closed for new posts.


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