back to article Cube computers come back with $US50 Android-or-Linux box

The Raspberry Pi revolution continues, with SolidRun joining the "very small computers for very small sums of money" movement with a bunch of community-supported versions of its CuBox-i miniature computers. Prices start at $US45 for a single-core Freescale Cortex A9 i.MX6-based unit running at up to 1.2 GHz, through to a quad- …


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A link wouldn't have gone astray


Re: A link wouldn't have gone astray

In additions to Maganis link (which takes you to the parent website), here is another link directly to the Cubox website.

The 50$ dollar version is available on this one

The CuBox-i2Ultra at 94.99$ doesn't look too shabby.


That link is for the older (and more expensive) CuBox. For the new CuBox-i the link is



I read the entire article, and while well written, this is definitely not newsworthy. Nobody wants arm, it is hard to program for, and unless you like to live in open source or Android only, this is completely useless to most people. To me these "cheap Linux computers" seem like hobby boxes with no real world applications. Sure the price is inexpensive, but these so called low power machines are running arm7 chips which are very out dated 32 bit instruction on top of 16bit dword arm3 instructions. I mean even running 1.2ghz quad cores, is like running 4 Pentium 3s running @ 1ghz. to put this into perspective for all of you. Arm 7 is even less powerful than the Pentium 3 because it doesn't contain any of the instruction sets (not mentioning x86). The GPU is like lipstick on a pig and anyone purchasing this who expects to own a cheap Linux desktop is going to be sorely surprised in a bad way. I have owned many Arm 7 coretex a9 dual core and quad core boards only to completely give up on this whole arm idealism. It is a pointless endeavor set to make money off of hobbyists. While this is cute in it's own right, they are not marketed as such. They are being marketed as full fledged media powerhouses which is simply not the case. Sure it may be able to run at 1080p but not all HD is created equal.

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