back to article Kindle Matchbook offers cheap digital copies of Amazon print purchases

Amazon on Tuesday announced a new program that offers customers discounted digital copies of select print books purchased through its website. Called Kindle Matchbook – in a continuation of Amazon's eerily Fahrenheit 451–esque branding for its ebook line – the program will allow customers to purchase ebook versions of their …


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  1. Dazed and Confused Silver badge


    It wouldn't be the first time I've bought both the Kindle and Dead Tree version of a book. There's something emotional about books that an eReader doesn't match, but they're a damn efficient way of carrying them around and reading them.

    I've been waiting for this.

  2. Thecowking

    I just wonder if it'll ever make it over the pond.

    I'm still waiting to be able to lend my kindle books and maybe get some of that lovefilm like prime movies with my prime account.

    Still, here's hoping.

  3. Aldous

    Finally something sensible

    Lets see how long it takes the big publishing houses to bitch and whinge about it.

    Whilst producing an ebook costs about the same as dead tree (head fo to charles stross's "common misconceptions about publishing" if you doubt that". If one already exists and you buy the paper copy then it is extremely cheap for publishers to do this.

  4. dervheid

    Farenheit 451

    Currently 'unavailable' on Kindle

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Are they serious?

    Thank you, Amazon, for giving me the opportunity to buy again the book from you that I already bought from you.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Would love to do this. Have loads of books I have issues reading as my eyes are failing so have turned to kindle. Would like to go back and read some of my old books withut having to buy them again.

  7. Alastair Dodd 1

    This would be great. but I'd like to give someone a book too

    when will Amazon sort that out on this side of the pond considering US have been able to do this for nearly 2 years!

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