back to article Australian coalition promises digital pigeonhole for all

Australian coalition promises digital pigeonhole for all Policy document outlines procurement, industry assistance plans Australia's government-in-waiting opposition parties have released their “Policy for E-Government and the Digital Economy”. Available here as a PDF, the policy offers the following four “policy measures”: …


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Quite a long document ... but very short on details (and costings). Presumably all will be revealed on Thursday, but in the meantime "All changes to Government ICT and National Digital Economy Strategy programs will be met within the existing funding provided across the forward estimates" is vague enough for them to do anything or nothing.

I am, nonetheless, curious how they will implement some of these intiatives (which will require consiberable investment in IT) while simultaneously reducing the deficit, cutting taxes, implementing paid maternity leave, and of course stopping the boats.


"Look, we're not going to give you an NBN, but we'll put the imaginary (because we'll actually have to build the our version of the NBN twice) "savings" (read: money thrown down holes) from building a half-arsed, useless FTTN network into these other digital things!"

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Labor's NBN: 50% @ 12Mbps, <5% @ 1Gbps in 2028

> Look, we're not going to give you an NBN, but we'll put the imaginary (because we'll actually have to build the our version of the NBN twice) "savings"

If you read the predictions in NBNCo's Corporate Plan, Labor's plan is for 50% of fibre connections to be 12Mbps. Yes, Labor's fabulous FTTP network will have half the users connected at slower than HFC, 4G, FTTN and approaching half of ADSL2+ connections. In 2028 the number of 1Gbps connections will still be less than 5%, hardly world leading.

The Coalition plan to set a minimum speed of 50Mbps for FTTN by 2019 means that half of Australians will have connections 4 times faster than Labor's plans. For those of us who want 1Gbps, the Coalition plan for fibre on demand installed at ~$3000 seems very reasonable compared to Labor charging $150/month just in AVC wholesale.

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heard it all before

as soon as one hears _any_ Oz pollie burble "work with private sector" several consequences flow. Not assuredly, but so far it seems to run as follows;

(a) $$ gets given to local dominant supplier of X, where X is any service or good that is current buzzword.

(b) no increase in X occurs,

(c) Costs for users of X rise.

(d) any government entity providing creation of X gets sold off for a song

(e) Sold off entity price increases magically 3 months later to 10 times price it was sold for.

Conclusion: politics in Oz as usual. The NBN will be used by Merkin crap show providers, what little of it exists. The rest of us will continue to struggle with crap cable, 3G or nothing. Nothing to see here, move on.

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Default Electronic Interaction - so I'm screwed then

How about they get decent network connectivity ubiquitous before they "Designate the Internet as the default way to interact with users". In most of this country network speeds are still measured at 10s of kilobits/sec or worse. In various enclaves there is a plethora of high speed choice, elsewhere, you're luck to get any decent wireless or wired connectivity.

This is usual government grandstanding, we will do all these great things they say, BUT then totally screw up the foundations. Promise the moon but end up mooning you instead.

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