back to article Oh, a Wyse guy, eh? Why I oughta make you Nexenta's new CEO

ZFS-storage software supplier Nexenta has changed its CEO for the second time in eight months, going for a popular exec from the ranks of IT's great and good: Tarkan Maner. Nexenta, which provides the Open Solaris and ZFS-based NexentaStor software storage OS, positions itself as the software-only answer to vendors who fear …


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It's a people problem

It always makes me wonder who is responsible for the success or failure of a company? Even the most competent, dynamic and intelligent CEO is to some extent at the mercy of inept staff and lower level management (although you would expect the CEO to remove the dead weight) . Likewise, an incompetent or indifferent CEO will be offset by a capable engineering and/or management team. Does a CEO on their own have the magic touch to turn a business around ?


Re: It's a people problem

I also think they have lost touch with the community.

And they seem to be facing QA issues with Nexenta 4.0 way overdue now..

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