back to article Scale Computing's SCRIBE vows to lob virty storage kit into the bin

Start-up storage shindig Scale Computing has crafted SCRIBE, an object store directly accessible by a hypervisor that replaces physical storage arrays and virtual ones (VSAs) like VMware's own vSAN. SCRIBE, says Scale, is an architecture for expanding hyper-convergence to a complete, distributed software-defined environment. …


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NaW, stop it now!

Virty - Not a Word. It's a crappy contraction of 'virtual' and doesn't have the least hint of 'dirty' about it. Now, virtual sex - that's virty! If it ain't NSFW, it's not virty at all. Heed Rupert Bear and STOP IT!*

*Those who remember the far end of the Kings Road in the late 1960s may understand the reference:-)

This topic is closed for new posts.


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