back to article 'But we like 1 Direction!' Rock gods The Who fend off teen Twitter hate mob

Legendary rockers The Who have announced they have no plans to ask One Direction to withdraw their new track Best Song Ever after a digital mob of rabid teenage girls bombarded them with death threats. The English rock band issued the statement yesterday, weeks after the boy band released their hit song. From the day of its …


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  1. PhilipN Silver badge

    Townshend's response

    Sheer bleeding class

  2. nsld
    Thumb Up

    Re: Townshend's response

    whereas the response from the likes of that Caroline woman, Stella whats her face and the rest of the man hating femonazi's to a twitterstorm of threats of rape, murder or worse is exactly none at all.

    From that I can only deduce that the Who are proper men and not a bunch of wishy washy liberal tree huggers!

  3. Measurer


    Ha, Ha, Ha..........Ha, Ha, Ha..........Ha, Ha, Ha..........Ha, Ha, Ha..........Ha, Ha, Ha.......... Oohh Stop!.....Ha, Ha, Ha..........Ha, Ha, Ha..........Ha, Ha, Ha..........Ha, Ha, Ha..........Ha, Ha, Ha..........Ha, Ha, Ha..........Ha, Ha, Ha..........Ha, Ha, Ha..........Ha, Ha, Ha..........Ha, Ha, Ha..........Ha, Ha, Ha..........

  4. NorthernCoder

    1 Direction, who?

  5. Nick Ryan Silver badge

    I have a nasty habit of usually reading it as "1 dimensional" or similar. :)

  6. Anonymous IV

    1 dimensional

    Surely not as many as that ...

  7. jonathanb Silver badge

    They are a boy-band who upset their fan base of teenage girls when wishing Laura Robson good luck at Wimbledon.

  8. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    Real band?

    "They are a boy-band"

    Hang on! You mean they are a serious band? I though it was just the summer silly season hit for this year. DO DO

    Push pineapple

    Shake the tree.

    Now that's class :-)

    (well, better than 1D anyway)

  9. horse of a different color


    I think they're contemporaries of Justine Beiber. I don't like her music either.

  10. stucs201

    Not just The Who

    A 'song' about some other song they can't remember? Sounds like they're ripping off Tenacious D too.

  11. Rampant Spaniel

    Re: Not just The Who

    I was just thinking that, although they did include a rather obvious riff from stairway to help the slower listeners.

    I wonder how many of those twatters will end up in court over those death threats etc. Not that you'd take them seriously from a 1 direction fan.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Not just The Who

    None of them because those making the threats were female and therefore it apparently doesn't count.

    Oh, and because Townsend has a thick enough skin to not call the police every time some idiot on the Internet makes vacuous threats towards him.

  13. Neil Charles

    Re: Not just The Who

    That's not fair, Tenacious D's wasn't the Best Song Ever.

    It was just a tribute.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Re: Not just The Who

    "That's not fair, Tenacious D's wasn't the Best Song Ever.

    It was just a tribute."

    Mate, I would love to buy you a pint or two just for that comment. Brilliant.

  15. Colin Ritchie

    Re: Not just The Who

    Ten D vs. 1D ? We win baby!

    Maybe 1D should talk about the Hard F*cking....

  16. Valerion

    All seem to be rip-offs

    I've heard 2 of their songs. One rips off Summer Loving from Grease and the other rips of Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash.

    Sounds like business as usual for them, then.

  17. plrndl

    Re: All seem to be rip-offs

    At least they have a number of influences, unlike Oasis.

  18. Vociferous

    Re: All seem to be rip-offs

    Their fans haven't heard anything released in the old millennium, to them One Direction's derivate is the original.

    If you want to feel old: Go to Youtube, look up any rock song more than ten years old, and see what beer commercial, game, or animation the commenters think it originates from (or which present band's cover it is a "shitty cover" of).

  19. Shasta McNasty

    Re: All seem to be rip-offs

    The majority of songs out now are "re-mixes", "sampled from", "a tribute to" or "re-releases" of existing songs. Hell, most of the top 40 all "feature" other artists because they can't manage a whole song on their own.

    Incidentally, Florence & the Machine's "Shake it out" samples a song from the 80s that I can't place my finger on. From 3:45 onwards if anyone know it...

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Shasta McNasty

    Something by Eurythmics/Annie Lennox ?

  21. Sir Gaz of Laz

    Re: All seem to be rip-offs


    Its like the ruff from America by Neil Diamond, crossed with Tarzan Boy by Baltimore...

  22. James Hughes 1

    Not only are The Who better than One Direction,but so are...well....almost anyone. Even the Bay City Roller's. Even Renee and Renato give them a run for their money.

  23. Swarthy Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    I think even The Captain and Tennille have one up on 1 Direction.

  24. Blank Reg Silver badge

    That's because back then some level of musical talent was required before you could make music. Now all you need is your team of marketing and PR people, stylists, song writers, etc., and of course the guy to run the software that makes it sound like you can actually sing.

  25. Amorous Cowherder

    "Now all you need is your team of marketing and PR people, stylists, song writers, etc.,"

    Have you been a rock club night in the last 2-3 years? You'd be surprised at just how many talented kids there are out there willing to still work a music career the "old-fashioned" way, ie by actually learning to play and write music, then work their arses off gaining a proper dedicated fan base the hard way. They will take a shitty 15 min slot at the bottom of a 250 seat club to play in front of 20 people, usually for free to gain proper experience. Even as an old fart of 40+ years I still love going to club gigs seeing young bands learning to make music career the hard way.

    Don't lump all young modern musicians together, there are still a hell of a lot of young musicians with integrity and drive, doing the right thing.

  26. Captain DaFt

    there are still a hell of a lot of young musicians with integrity and drive, doing the right thing.

    It's a shame most of us'll never hear them. Their integrity makes it too hard for the big lables to 'groom' them properly, ie: ripoff with onerous contracts.

  27. Blank Reg Silver badge

    I wasn't implying that there aren't still talented musicians as there definitely are, and I've seen plenty in clubs over the years. But such talent is no longer a prerequisite for success.

    If you look at the current big name "artists" few of them have any real talent. Top 40 lists are littered with more talentless fluff than ever before, not that I've ever been one to listen much to top 40 even when it did require some musical ability.

  28. h3

    Talent was never a necessary thing for success.

    The difference was the really big bands were all talented in some way.

    Cannot think of anything past the 80's in pop music that has talent.

    (Queen / Prince / Michael Jackson had talent regardless of whether you liked the Music or not).

    Cannot think of much after that totally mainstream pop music.

    Rick Rubin and people like him probably have provided more than any of the artists.

    Porn has more in common with pop Music now than anything to do with Music.

  29. James Hughes 1


    Cool - seen all those three live. When they were alive.

    But I would argue Muse are pretty good for a modern band. And, I fear for saying this, but Lady Gaga seems quite talented. And The Leisure Society (if you like folky stuff) have produced some good little ditties.

  30. davetalis

    Very true, there's too much brilliant talent around working hard with very little recognition while some total dross makes it into the charts on hype and publicity. Go to open mic nights around the country (i live near Guildford, which thanks to the ACM there is overloaded with really good musicians), and you'll see lots of great music.

  31. NomNomNom

    I can still remember real music from when I was a child, sitting in the parlor listening to evening song accompanied by the the pump organ. Then all the new shit came along. People were suddenly dressing up to dance at the music hall. We don't dance while eating supper so why the fuck do they want us to dance while listening to music?? I blame the gramophone for making music popular among the wrong sort.

  32. jelabarre59 Silver badge

    I think I'd rather listen to Diamanda Galas than "NoDirection"....

  33. Triggerfish

    To be fair

    I remember as a kid there was an awful lot of shit in the charts then that did well as well. "I should be so lucky" for example. Even then it seemed an awful lot of the good music rarely made it in to the top of the charts.

  34. This post has been deleted by its author

  35. P. Lee Silver badge

    >Top 40 lists are littered with more talentless fluff than ever before

    Its an industry, run by businessmen, not musicians. Return on investment is far more important than anything else.

  36. dcd

    Can one assune .........

    .... that given all the recent "think of the children" bloat regarding social media, that said media and the authorities will be waving their collective fingers at the kids regarding this?

    You know, balance etc.

  37. James12345

    Isn't Pete Townshend meant to keep away from 1 Direction fans?

  38. PhilipN Silver badge

    Yes, but ...

    For balance, I suggest you read Townshend's autobiography in which he covers this incident fully.

    You're welcome.

  39. Vociferous

    Tween girls threatening to rape a convicted paedophile.

    Pretty sure that's one of the signs of the apocalypse.

  40. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hmm on the register for 5 years and you still think this.

    Oh and I mean the sex offenders register, not this one.......yeah, complete the punchline yourselves.

  41. James12345

    Re: Yes, but ...

    You don't need to read his autobiography, as his defence is summed up here -

    But lets recap what Stuart Hall said originally -

    And that later turned in to something quite different -

    Just sayin'...

  42. Vociferous

    Yeah, I'm _way_ off base here

    I mean, he only paid with credit card for access to a kiddie-porn site because he wanted to do research!

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Yeah, I'm _way_ off base here

    If you and I had done it we'd have been dealt with a lot harsher.

  44. HuwLewis

    Sad Gits

    Well at least they're learning the business by copying class - and at least they didn't think it was the CSI theme music...

    Would it be possible to amass an army of aged mods with Vest Zimmer frames to defend the Who? Now that would be scary.

  45. This post has been deleted by its author

  46. HuwLewis

    Re: Sad Gits

    Bleedin Auto Correct

    Of course I meant VESPA Zimmer Frames...

  47. Kubla Cant

    Re: Sad Gits

    Of course I meant VESPA Zimmer Frames...

    Take my advice, ride a Lambretta. You don't get the auto-correct problems.

  48. andreas koch

    @ Kubla Cant - Re: Sad Gits

    > . . .

    ride a Lambretta.

    . . .<

    Did you mean "Lamb Rapist" ?

  49. Vociferous

    Re: Sad Gits

    Sadly, this is not them at all. They don't write or arrange their music, and they probably know little or nothing about The Who. Boy bands like these are a product, their job is (in order of importance) to be cute, dance, and sing the songs given to them by their producer. The songs are commissioned from professional songwriters, which you can safely assume are middle-aged men with a solid background in music and familiar with The Who.

    This is not to say that the members of boy bands may not be genuinely talented (e.g. Robbie Williams), but they have zero freedom and near zero influence while in the boy band.

  50. This post has been deleted by its author


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