back to article Tier 3 debuts DIY cloud networks

Cloud operator Tier 3 has added reconfigurable networking to its cloud technology in an attempt to make it easier for resellers to massage the tech to suit their needs. The company announced the upgrades on Wednesday. They see Tier 3 implement self-service networking capabilities for its ESX-based cloud that will let customers …


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The only datacenter / cloud solution I will operate is one I control completely. Too many fingers can get into this setup from the outside world and I'm just not interested in sharing my client info with unnamed people and governments.

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There is an article out recently on Rackspace's growth recently where they are adding an average of 50 servers per day.

That number still seemed sort of small, I expected more for some reason. I mean given a fairly standard configuration even worst case of deploying 50 servers completely manually/day it would be totally achievable with just a few staff members.

I remember ..I think it was almost 3 years ago now that an ex-facebook person told me that until recently (I'd say at this rate it was 4 to 4 and a half years ago - I'm sure they still had a fair amount of equipment then) that every server facebook installed was done manually. They didn't have the resources to come up with a good automated system. I thought that was interesting too.

I wrote a blog post recently on SDN(sort of surprised tier 3 is not using that buzz word in this article) now that I finally understand what it is and what it is not(got clarification from Martin Casado himself). Cut through the hype gasm, and am happy to not get stressed out anymore, and confirmed that SDN is indeed nothing I need, or have ever needed(or see myself needing in the short-mid term).

El reg doesn't like links so I try to be polite, if you want to read the post google "nth symposium 2013 sdn"

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