back to article Fusion-io founder Flynn flies again with new storage upstart

Ousted Fusion-io co-founder David Flynn has a new gig: startup Primary Data. And the chief marketing officer? Why, none other than Rick White, co-founder of Fusion-io and its chief marketing officer when he resigned along with Flynn earlier this year. He started at Primary Data in June. The news is reported by the Wall Street …


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Anonymous Coward

On most occasions

I would not comment on a story like this....but you had to print a statement about Shane R.

Once I composed myself after my fit of laughter. Shane has proven, his tenure at HP including the acquisition strategy, that he is not market ecosystem aware. But all the fusion customers and investors need not worry.

Shane is not worried about the stock price either. He will fix the glitch and the problem will take care of its self.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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