back to article CANNIBAL CLOUD found devouring enterprise bit barns – report

Data center providers are expanding as enterprise facilities experience budget cutbacks, according to the bit-barn experts at the Uptime Institute. In the Institute's annual data center census, which surveyed 1,000 providers across the world, 63 per cent of third-party data centers – cloud, hosts, co-location facilities, and …


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Google can afford to think big

"... such pricey projects as harnessing the cooling power of the North Sea, or in some cases redirecting entire rivers."

Have Google revealed their 'payback' period for the initial costs of these projects and the ongoing annual savings?

I've always said that large date centres should be built in cold costal areas to use the sea for cooling; or even better to sell the waste heat to nearby industrial, commercial, residential, whatever consumers.


Not the sea PLEASE

A significant amount of global warming is warming river water progressively more as it approaches the ocean. I saw this noted first in Rachel Carson's Silent Spring as I recall. Then there were the nuclear plants with an average of 2.5 degrees F (as I recall) per major river. *Uninteresting, unrelated note--for all practical purposes most of the Earth is sea.

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