back to article Super Micro closes out record year, eager to cross Ivy Bridge

Motherboard and whitebox server maker Super Micro Computer has just closed out a bumper fiscal 2013, despite issues from hard-drive shortages, an uncertain European economy, and having to ramp up its factories in the Netherlands and Taiwan. Having outgrown the server market by a factor of three in the prior twelve months, …


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Good show to these guys. While the rest of the server market struggles, SuperMicro shows growth. Despite the prejudice shown by some against SuperMicro, they've provided some damn fine equipment for my clients and I so far and I fully expect them to keep outgrowing the market. They are shifting a lot of boxes into the HPC space, to cloud vendors and OEMing units for companies like Nutanix. It is, apparently, a good racket to be in.

The only legitimate complaint I've seen from anyone against SuperMicro is the lack of a 4-hour enterprise replacement program. I expect they'll look after this sometime over the next year or two, once their manufacturing capacity can meet the spike in demand that would bring.

At least SuperMicro isn't in the middle of some massive "restructuring" (involving axing how many staff every month) or in some asset-stripping Ichann-driven limbo. The real interesting competition begins when Lenovo buys IBM's server division. Then HP versus Dell becomes Lenovo versus SuperMicro...and that will be an interesting contest.

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