back to article NBN builder Syntheo gives up in two States

Syntheo, the joint venture between Lend Lease and Service Stream Limited that won contracts to build Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) in the States of West Australia and South Australia, will down tools forever in those States early in 2014. NBN Co's canned utterance on the matter says it and Syntheo “ have …


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This is going to be very bad for comms there.

"A little birdy" told me there were wide-spread domestic cable problems with the phone system all over Perth (well, at least in patches) that are patched up as they go along, not ripped out and replaced.

Said birdy stated since the NBN is coming in and eventually making all of that redundant, there's no point in investing in an old infrastructure that may last several decades, when it's going to be ripped out in the next few years anyway.

Looks like they're going to be suffering with intermittantly dead DSL and phone lines for a "little" longer...

Anonymous Coward

WA = Wait Awhile


Access to fast Internet is about as common in WA as fresh Dodo droppings.

Regardless of who wins the election(s) I'll never see the NBN or even the seriously-deficient offering from Uncle Malcolm and Dodgy Tony Inc.


Western Australia

3 hours and 20 years behind everyone else.

So glad I left.

Nuke because Perth needs to be nuked from orbit... only way to be sure.

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