back to article Rockmelt! Melts! For! Yahoo's! Millions!

In the latest of a string of acquisitions since ex-Googler Marissa Mayer came aboard as CEO, Yahoo! has acquired ssocial-media munger Rockmelt for an undisclosed sum (though AllThingsD's Kara Swisher pegs the price at somewhere between $60m and $70m). You may remember Rockmelt as the Marc Andreessen–backed startup that built a …


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Anonymous Coward

What was really said...

"The parallels between Yahoo! and Rockmelt are obvious: they have a stupid name, we have a stupid name; they burn cash, we have cash to burn; they built a portal no-one cares about, we built a portal no-one cares about; they're going nowhere fast, we're going..."

And so on.

I do wonder if the true explanation for this ongoing madness is that Yahoo! is actually some sort of clever tax loss management scheme for a real company.

Silver badge

Re: What was really said...

Yep, I'm convinced as well that Yahoo! is just somebody's cash sinkhole.

Their 'new' loads as a jumble of text and buttons down the left side of the screen on my browsers.

Any attempt to give them feedback on it just leads to a round robin of useless links.

I finally googled for a feedback link (By this time, I was just curious if there *was* one), but it crashed with a "Cookies must be enabled on your browser' message as soon as I hit enter... Um, hello? I actually *do* have cookies enabled.

Proof: It knew who I was and greeted me by name on every page! ('bout the only thing that *did* work right!)

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