back to article Continuous delivery: Can IT really 'join up' Ops and Dev?

The Register will be tackling continuous delivery in our latest Live Chat, on September 13 14:00 BST. Join Adrian Bridgwater, Trevor Pott, Freeform Dynamics' Analyst Dale Vile and Perforce's Mark Warren to discuss this significant trend in software development and deployment. The Reg’s group editor Joe Fay will be your host …


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Is what you humans call - devops?

I'm interested in this area as I've developed a framework for carrying out continuous integration. It is currently primarily for Drupal and is currently going through a code cleanup - but it does work and I've used it at a couple of companies - it is at: . Version 1.0 should be available in the next few weeks.

To me - the key points are:

* If it is small changes then tweaking the live site should be do-able - but what about large upgrades?

* Rather than pushing changes up to a live site we should pull live data down to a new version of the site.

* How easy/quick is it to roll back to a safe, known good version if a rollout goes bad.

I've also posted a blog post about another way of getting continuous integration for Drupal sites -

As websites contain more and more data this subject is becoming more and more important.

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