back to article Panasonic claims world's first ReRAM-equipped product

Panasonic has claimed it will next month ship the world's first computer product that use ReRAM. ReRAM has folks excited because it is as fast as RAM, but like flash memory retains information when powered down. Also known as Memristor RAM, a nod to the fact it combines the properties of a resistor and memory, the technology …


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  1. Drakkenson

    How expensive is it?

    Can it be mate into a 1PB HDD? or even 10 TB? How big would one of these be? And how much? And how many times can you rewrite this memory?

    1. turkey

      Mate into HDDs

      >>> Can it be mate into a 1PB HDD?

      They ran some experiments mating the ReRAM with Rhesus monkeys, but the survival rate was so abysmal that Panasonic scrapped that division and returned to making electronics. They seem to be ok at that business.

  2. Nigel 11

    Memristor rewrite-ability is effective infinity. It's targetted at replacing RAM, i.e. word addressable, with the added benefit of being non-volatile.

    Price per Gbyte will start high and fall as the technology and semiconductor processes are prefected. It'll probably replace Flash within a decade unless there's some problem that hasn't yet surfaced in the labs. The more interesting thing is whether it'll ever be able to replace big disks. (i.e. multi-terabyte for under £100)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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