back to article Romania chucks €21m at IBM for Bucharest IT project

IBM will get €21m in state aid from Romania's government for a €51.2m project in the country that's expected to create around 900 jobs. Big Blue is planning an IT consultancy project in Bucharest and Brasov, the Ministry of Finance told financial daily Ziarul Financier (translated by Google Translate). The aid package is one …


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  1. ecofeco Silver badge

    Oh shit

    They're fucked.

    1. Drakkenson

      Re: Oh shit

      Indeed we are, but not for the reasons you might imagine.

      Rather, all state contracts are given to cronies of the government or MPs, or one has to grease the palms of the said slimeballs with massive sums to get the contract.

      I don't know which has happened here, but from where I stand, it doesn't make much of a difference...

  2. Uplink

    Oh, so close

    You got all the Romanian letters right, but then misspelled this one: Ziarul Financier :P There's no "e" in there :D

This topic is closed for new posts.

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