back to article DataStax bags $45 million to massage Cassandra

DataStax has trousered $45 million in funding to help it ramp up the sales and distribution of its paid-for and free versions of the Cassandra database. The funding was announced by the company on Tuesday, along with technical updates to both versions of the open source database. Cassandra was developed at Facebook in the …


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I call BS

"If you're trying to drag a relational system kicking and screaming into a multi-machine clustered environment, then the first thing you have to do is rip out the relational parts from the application"



Re: I call BS

Care to layer some analysis on that comment?

It's possible to setup large RDBMS clusters. I've certainly done it. Informix's XPS was one of the better approaches before IBM nixxed it.

Get beyond 8 nodes though and the amount of work involved in ensuring your referential integrity becomes quite time consuming. Creating joins at that scale is a fair amount of work.

There are 800-1000 node clusters out there running Cassandra. I would struggle to maintain performance with a traditional solution at that scale.

I've not seen it all though, I would be interested to hear of equivalent deployments in the RDBMS space.

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