back to article Sofa, so good ... BigCouch relaxes into comfy Apache CouchDB

Database-as-a-service company Cloudant is pouring its own code into the Apache CouchDB project: the company wants to invigorate the open-source distributed database while halting development of its own fork of the tech. The code merge of Cloudant's tweaked BigCouch database into Apache CouchDB was announced on Monday, and …


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Why confuse the issue?

Anyone really familiar with the vast collection of Apache projects knows the acronym SOFA already belongs to a completely different one - UIMA, where it stands for "Subject of Analysis". Now you'll have people thinking it has something to do with CouchDB.

(Of course, it's quite possible that you'd take a lot of unstructured text data, store it in CouchDB, and then extract parts of it into a SOFA for NLP processing with UIMA. What larks, Pip!)

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