back to article Google conjures dedicated memcache within platform cloud

Google has added a dedicated memcache service to its platform cloud, giving the company's technology more of the characteristics of clouds operated by Amazon and Microsoft. The upgrades to Google App Engine (GAE) came as part of the 1.8.2 release of the platform cloud, along with Git push-to-deploy for developers that use the …


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Oo Aah bargain at $0.12 ..

Until you do the maths!

I can understand the appeal of having instant access to this, but its just not worth the money. Running a 1GB cache for 24/7 for 1 year will cost $1051.20.. I just purchased a 64GB Upgrade for a server and it cost me far less than this!

Anonymous Coward

Open Source

There is an open source version of Google App Engine called AppScale:

You can run your GAE apps anywhere! Pretty cool.

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