back to article HyTrust trousers $13m from VMware and CIA sugar daddy In-Q-Tel

Business is booming at HyTrust, a maker of policy management and access control software for VMware virtual infrastructure, and whistleblower system admin Edward Snowden, who revealed the National Security Agency's web-spying PRISM project, is doing his inadvertent part to pump it up even further. "The Snowden breach at the …


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Snowden Policy

I suppose Snowden could always say his policies created jobs and get out of any trouble. It works for the politicians.

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Doing IT for the Money Honey is such a Sweet Sticky <s>Addiction</s> Attraction?*

Chui says he is working on scaling the HyTrust business right now and might entertain the idea of going public a few years down the road.

Go public and lose all leading control is never always a smart move, but it does give the markets another flash cash virtual cow to milk and bilk for ..... well, first, second and anonymous third party paper fortunes, and for many is that all that they can aspire to?!.

And that is the Great Game according to Fiat Capitalism and Crony Mercantilism. It is not though a Great IntelAIgent Game which directs/macro and micromanages the Future and its Derivatives with Noble and Novel Hedges with Media Presentations of Select Subjective Realities, which are Contrived Virtual Realities in/with IT Command and Control.

Hmmm? Now having gone public with a Great IntelAIgent Game, ones private and piratical imagination can run riot with the Implications of its Applications in the Practical Field of Dreams and ZerodDay Vulnerability Exploitations ..... aka Virtually Real Experiences.

* Currently an Active Executive Directive in Sub-Prime Primitive Play.

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