back to article The summer hit you're all waiting for: Windows 9? No. MapR's flashy M7

Customers who want to fire up a Hadoop cluster on the Elastic MapReduce service offered by Amazon Web Services just got another distribution option. Oh yes. It's the MapR Technologies' full-tilt-boogie M7 Edition. The MapR team is talking up the performance of its variant of the big data muncher Hadoop when using the flash- …


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Anonymous Coward

Waiting for?


I need that like I need a hole in the head. Cloud services is simply a new buzzword for an old idea. The idea of storing your data on servers connected to the internet so it can be accessed anywhere. Put it on you're own servers. Keep control of your data. make sure your intelectual property stays in your hands, your control.

Amazon has a history of no encrypting data even when they claim they do, and I assure you, at some point they and many others are going to find some way of getting ownership of the files and intelectual property.


Windows 9. Would be nice to see "the plan".

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