back to article Seoul to train 5,000 infosec pros

The South Korean government is planning to train up 5,000 information security experts to address the growing threat from Pyongyang and a shortage of home-grown talent. The science and technology ministry said that the shortfall of information security professionals in the country currently numbers 1,749, rising to an expected …


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Wrong direction

The more sane solution would be to raise security awareness among the population. That way new systems might be designed with simplicity in mind. Most security homes in companies come from companies having to complex systems they cannot manage any more.

Imagine a company building where every office has it's own outside door, going through an elaborate labyrinth of hallways. That would be a nightmare to secure. How would you know which doors are open? How would you check them all? That's why office buildings typically have a small number of exits. Those keep the complexity of security down.

Yet people happily build security critical systems on operating systems to complex for them to understand. That's why even documented features can be used to break security barriers just because the designers didn't understand the security implications of, let's say a help dialogue or the "icon" feature of a link-file.

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