back to article CommVault whuppin' EMC in backup and recovery - report

IT research outfit Forrester has published an Enterprise Backup and Recovery report that shows little CommVault kicking the big backup guys' asses. The Forrester Wave Enterprise Backup And Recovery Software, Q2 2013 report looked at six enterprise backup vendors: ASG; CommVault; EMC; HP; IBM; and Symantec. The author, Rachel …


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Anonymous Coward

Backup is converging

This picture will change dramatically in two years. Take a step back from a backup-centric or even a storage-centric view of the world. Compute, networking and storage is converging into commoditised blocks of resources. Data management, as part of this convergence, will (and is) displace islands of disparate backup solutions which are not sustainable or practical.

There is no discernible difference between backup vendors based on features (backup, snapshot, deduplication, blah, blah, blah) other than cost. What is different is data management work flows - what copy of what data will exist where at what point in time and how fast can I retrieve (or rollover) and resume operation. Backup features are simply being rolled into the converged data center as a data work flow.

CommVault, Data Domain, etc will drift back to the old school very quickly as their features are no longer unique in the converged data centre.



The real message is that the main players are tightly grouped, which suggests pricing will be the go-forward determinant in winning.

IBM is sliding back, HP has lost leadership and will struggle to get it back.

And AWS challenges all, but not this week!

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