back to article Twisted photons get another spin

The principle that led to the controversy over “twisted radio waves” in 2012, known as orbital angular momentum, has also been applied to light for some time, but most demonstrations have been in free space. A new experiment published in Science has successfully “twisted” a photonic beam in a fibre, using it to transport data …


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Well you know what happens when you assume, don't you?

It's good to question assumptions because the history of science is littered with stuff that turned out not to be as assumed.

Although in this case it looks more like a case of "We thought it would be too difficult to make a fibre that can do this. Turns out it was quite easy."

Thumbs up for this new technique.


There's nothing much to say here, so here's a bit of light entertainment to keep readers amused

There should be a law against these...these...these so-called scientologistsscientists doing all these naughty things to poor photons. If you were a photon you would not like them to do things like that to you, twisting you this way and that, stuffing you up a fibre (how can they do that!) making you work like a donkey for their petabites...yes I know there should be a 'y' in there, but I want to emphasise how it must feel for the photons to be treated so, by distorting and modulating the spelling a bit. Yours. Aggrieved of Giggleswick.

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