back to article China's piracy watchdog to keep tabs on Amazon, Apple & co

China’s copyright watchdog is set to expand its oversight of e-commerce platforms including those run by Apple, Amazon and local giant Taobao as part of a renewed effort to police online piracy. The National Copyright Administration already monitors 19 major sites in China but said it will be expanding that number this year to …


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How dare they!

Accuse Apple of piracy???

If Apple has "pirated" something, it's only something that the accusers have pirated from something that Apple hasn't produced yet. Once the Reality Distortion Field has been reconciled, we will see that Apple was truly the creator of the work, and the predecessor was the copy.


Uphill battle

Years of not caring about decadent western concepts such as authenticity combined with massive poverty in some regions have led to an attitude where everything is routinely faked. There are people who make and sell fake eggs and even fake intestines (no, really, look it up), or add industrial chemicals to poor milk to make it seem good. A hooky iPart is a symptom of a much deeper problem, not the problem itself.


China have a piracy watchdog? Must be the cushiest job in the world.


«These stats, like most pushed out by the Chinese government,

can probably taken with a pinch of salt, ...» Thanks, Phil - hopefully you have saved at least one unwitting Reg reader from failing to descry the notorious unreliability of official Chinese statistics, the consequences of which failure would have indeed been dire ! But perhaps you should read up on English grammar - «can probably taken with a pinch of salt» doesn't quite parse....


This topic is closed for new posts.


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