back to article Foreign keys, JavaScript support on deck for MySQL Cluster update

Following more than 12 months of development and preview releases, Oracle has announced general availability of MySQL Cluster 7.3, bringing a number of important new features and enhancements to the open source clustering add-on for the MySQL database. The really big news, according to a press release issued on Tuesday, is the …


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Foreign key support is also available whether the application accesses the database via SQL or …

There really shouldn't be any qualifications there and this shouldn't really be news: enforcing relational integrity is a sine qua non for relational databases.

Apart from that, even as someone who likes neither MySQL nor Oracle, it is good to see these improvements. Of course, you can also see the way the path is being paved for users of a reasonable RDBMS to get to high margin products such as Oracle or support contracts.

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Bit of a booster

I've done a bit with MySQL so I think I can legitimately put "Oracle DBA" on my CV now


You are making a big deal about MySQL Cluster as the little brother of Oracle RAC. In reality, the Oracle RAC of the MySQL world is ScaleDB. Like RAC (and unlike MySQL Cluster) ScaleDB IS a shared-data architecture. It already supports foreign keys, provide excellent performance on joins, counts, range scans (unlike Cluster). It also provides database node caching for improved performance (while Cluster only provides storage node caching, which ScaleDB also does). Bottom line, if someone wants superior performance in a highly-available and super-fast solution, they should take a serious look at ScaleDB. You can read more about it here:

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