back to article Telecoms band wants to drag White Space into the real world

A conglomerate of 23 telecoms organisations, including BSkyB and Indigo Telecom, have joined forces to make white space data networking a mainstream reality. The group, calling itself the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, counts not only the usual universities and government-funded research labs amongst its membership, but also …


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See how any of the Mobile operators would like White Space Operations on their licensed spectrum by someone else.

It's been hyped so much that the Bean Counters and PHBs at these companies believe in it. It causes interference as their own RF engineers know.

It's an American inspired myth. Clue in the name.

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What Mage said...

What Mage said... this technoogy causes interference, pure and simple.

Initially they thought the equipment could assess the state of the bands on it's own, and this was shown to massivey fail in several different tests. Microsoft et. al. forgot the laws of physics, that is that radio signals have fadeouts and weak spots, so if your device is in one of these spots it'll assess a channel being clear that may even have a transmitter in the same town as you. This is pretty much what DID happen in the one test I read about, the test equipment obliterated not just some weak signal but pretty strong ones. This is why they are now using this database approach.

Three things:

1) If Qualcomm or whoever sublet their spectrum (Are you sure they can't do that? They can here in the US... it's called disaggregation, and can be done either by diving a frequency band into pieces, or by slicing a larger coverage area of a license into smaller areas, or both.) Well, how is that going to work? They'd want money for that sublet, so you'll end up with white space hardware that demands a monthly fee just to pay for the subletting.

2) What about the database? Is there a fee for this? And, what about devices that are not already internet connected and so cannot reach a database?

2) I just hope to hell they are quite conservative in the TV database. Here in the US, I'm considered part of the "Cedar Rapids" market, but the TV stations for there are like 60 to 70 milles away, and rubbish. I mosty watch ones from the Quad Cities (also 60 miles away) and one from Ottumwa (~70 miles away.) I have a large grey hovermann antenna and 20db amp for this. I can just see some crap database saying "Well, this is Cedar Rapids market, blast away!" and knocking out 7 of my channels just because.

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