back to article Clearwire board to shareholders: Go on, grab that Dish cash

The board of Clearwire has unanimously recommended that shareholders take the Dish cash, despite the fact that the broadband wireless firm's biggest shareholder is dead set against the deal. That shareholder is Sprint, which already owns the majority of Clearwire and has offered $3.40 per share for the rest. But, just days …


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Dish Networks - WTF?

Apart from the fact that they seem to be one of these dodgy "fund by debt" takeover artists - Where the Fudge is Dish getting all their cash from?

I should note that since debt leveraged takeovers have almost destroyed the Fixed Line and Cable TV business from a new investment point of view I automatically view them with deep suspicion.


Let your sister have a go...

Meh, just let SoftBank digest as much of Sprint as they want to (70%?), and then Dish can either oust the rest of Sprint's shareholders, cleave off 5-10%, or form a consortium with Sprint to own roughly half of ClearWire each.

Or failing that, they could announce a separate partnership to cross-sell each other's services, with a healthy margin either way...

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Nationwide Sprint Service Disruption

Maybe Sprint should address why, since April 2013, there have been nationwide service disruptions all across the country. According to Sprint customers service reps, some of that disruption is due to LTE upgrades. Others claim towers have failed and are being repaired. No one at Sprint is being straight with customers and coming clean with the truth, and that begs why we are hearing everything else about Sprint in the media but a story about their nationwide service disruptions half a month from close of the Softbank deal. I'd think such a national service disruption problem at this particular time, would be big news, but apparently no one is willing to report on that. Wonder why?? Check out Sprint's customer service forums to see what I'm talking about. Then go to their Facebook profile to see more complaints.

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