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A lot has been said about the strategic advantages (and problems) of BYOD, but much less about how to build a wireless infrastructure for it. Good job we're here to put that right. Join Trevor Kelly and Andy Cooper from HP, and Dale Vile from Freeform Dynamics live today, as they set out the essentials of what will make BYOD …


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the different types of BYOD policy choice you can make, the infrastructure you need to build to support your policy, the problems of provisioning and access.

Infrastructure we need to build, or the infrastructure they want us to build? Considering where it's coming from I wouldn't be surprised if we get a story about how "analysis" (done by Freeform Dynamics obviously) has showed how "certain hardware components" which "surprisingly" happened to build by HP are just what the doctor ordered.

Depending on the kind of environment we're talking about I don't think there has to be much impact. Most Enterprise based wireless routers normally support multiple SSID's for example, and a whole lot of extra's to tune them (think about speed limitations, shielding of certain networks, hiding networks, etc.).

If systems administration is any good then I think they can apply basic risk assessment to such an environment to prevent disaster from happening. Most likely within their current environment as well.

Maybe I'm just being cynical here, but the real problem at hand would be convincing the upper brass. They're most likely prefer paying attention from "case studies by the experts". This will go double if said environment is merely following the hype-want-to-be.

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