back to article Obama-Chinese premier summit achieves little on cyber-security

A summit meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Barack Obama last week due to tackle the issue of cyber espionage failed to result in any agreement, perhaps partially because it was overshadowed by controversy over the NSA's controversial PRISM surveillance programme. The meeting followed recent reports …


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Red herring

They like things the way they are. The fact is that neither one of them is willing to challenge the other to give up Windows.


And it’s critical, as two of the largest economies and military powers in the world, that China and the United States arrive at a firm understanding of how we work together on these issues.

Obama: so you be our enemies and we be your enemies. That'll keep the proles in line.

Xi: Tianeman square never happened!

Anonymous Coward

The fact of the matter is if these sort of places getting hacked were even allowed to spend the money on comprehensive IT Security initiatives by the beancounters, those same fuckwitted accountants would then probably try outsourcing it to China to 'save money' anyway.

A lot of US (And other Western countries) companies are literally so greedy they will do anything to keep profits up, even if it means shooting themselves in the foot in the long run by not sufficiently protecting their IP.

Absolutely no pity for these greedy idiots whatsoever.


two guys who *are* the problem, are talking about the problem

PRISM, echelon, and the unknown ones we didnt hear about yet.

these are all government built invasions of our privacy, funded by us, to subsidize techfirms to develop chip technology and software that has no other market than governments that build $ 3 bln datacenters.

they are all in it, and we are the sheep, paying for our own demise.

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