back to article OpenStack head unworried by Dell, IBM, reversals

Imagine for a moment that you head a large enterprise software effort and two major partners stiff you in quick succession. First, one of those partners decides shut down a public cloud built on your software. The second, despite public profession of mutual adoration and respect, buys a rival. Now the reveal: the enterprise …


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wouldn't read much into IBM's purchase

Myself i wouldn't read much into IBM's purchase of that service provider with regards to openstack. Openstack is still a maturing product, and it makes sense that only a few large providers have jumped on board at this point(I'm sure many others that are working on it still have relatively small implementations relative to non openstack deployments in their org).

That company IBM bought by contrast had a mature provisioning and management system for their setup. Maybe it is getting long in the tooth for today's public cloud stuff, it really seems like they are more of a managed server provider (what rackspace used to specialize exclusively in) with perhaps some cloud on the side.

I'd expect them (over time) to migrate to Openstack for at least portions of their customer base that can live within that model (the openstack model is similar to amazon's design, which it makes it a poor choice from an availability standpoint for most businesses). Other customers will likely remain on physical servers because that's what works for them(often times running on physical hardware is treated like it was something bad, if you can properly leverage the underlying hardware then there is little reason not to go physical). Others still will go for more advanced infrastructure or perhaps a hybrid.

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Re: wouldn't read much into IBM's purchase

Agree with Nate here. IBM has a well defined history of "blue-washing" acquisitions, meaning they use what they've already invested in and built capabilities around. What I do see is a bunch of assertions on what IBM will do, yet no statement from IBM on what they will do. As in all M&A, the period of time after the announcement is filled with deep due diligence, operations systems integration and migration (like ordering systems, etc).

More of the same "press trying to make a story" when there's nothing really to talk about.

IBM is a HUGE contributor to OpenStack. I wouldn't count on them walking away from that investment.

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