back to article Q10 India: Another last-chance saloon guzzle for BlackBerry

BlackBerry's last, best hope has launched in India to cautious reviews which like the hardware - but echo concerns that it's too little too late. India is an important market for the company formerly known as RIM, and one where it has lost ground to home-grown alternatives and Samsung. With 218 million subcontinental handsets …


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  1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge


    Anyone high up will want an Apple i-thing, so pricing for this kit makes any Blackberry Q10 out of reach as operators don't think we will buy them and even we dont think there will be interest so little or no discount.

    Its a shame I like my Q10, which I better as doesnt look like many peps are developing anything for it (Who can blame them).

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nokia 501

    Quite frankly, I think Nokia is the one with the better plan here. I can actually see the Asha 501 take off, and not just in India. Make it cheap and cheery, and people who aren't standard nerd will actually want to buy one. Remember the original iMac? That was the first computer people wanted to display around the house, because it was colourful and fun.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No need to get on your knees to sell a BB.

    It's simply the best BlackBerry ever. Price to the type of clients that are in the target market is not an issue. What is important is the brand ( I have a BlackBerry ) the performance and the keyboard. Physical keyboards is the top feature and people like the feel of a real keyboard. Every Tom Dick and Larry can do a screen keyboard. BB is giving it's customers what they want. Top of the line , prestige. For their target market , it's a smashing success. If you do not see this , then you're not part of the target market for a BB. It's not for the masses ,no more than a Ferrari is.

    1. Flatpackhamster

      Re: No need to get on your knees to sell a BB.

      If that's the advertising technique Blackberry are planning to use, they're fooked. What's "prestige" about a keyboard? You have a keyboard because you need it, not because it makes you look good.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I agree with you that Nokia probably have a much better strategy, but rather than the 501 as a better comparison with the Q10 the upcoming 210 has a qwerty keyboard. Camera and other spacs are lower than the Q10, but that's why for about $80 an adequate phone can be purchased, and a dual-SIM option as well.

    I own and prefer the Samsung 5512 which is my BB equivalent but with Android and dual-SIM, so functionality wise it beats everything that I can think of despite a few shortcomings such as no flash for the camera.

  5. TheVogon Silver badge

    "It's simply the best BlackBerry ever"

    Possibly, but that isn't exactly setting the bar very high.

    Windows Phone is annihilating Blackberry in the market - latest Kantar figures for last month were Blackberry 0.7%, Windows Phone 5.6% sales market share.

  6. carlos_c

    Best BB ever

    Just had a Client almost destroy his Q10 in frustration and go back to his BB torch, no BIS, the hosted exchange supplier is not offering BES 10, therefore roaming data charges are going to go through the roof- Copy and paste has a mind of it's own...........not really sure where BB are going - certainly alienating a lot of their traditional customers.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Best BB ever

      Things have changed.

      1) MS Active Sync works just as well as BIS/BES. If worried about roaming charges, just rent a SIM on landing. If you're on BBM then you can still be called using BBM voice chat. Or how about Skype? I think the Q10 has that, and loads of people are running it on the Z10 ahead of its official release.

      BES/BIS reduces the roaming charge to some extent, but it's still not free...

      All you lose by renting a SIM is your standard phone number, but that's so passe these days anyway.

      2) Copy / Paste working well here...

  7. Shane Kent

    Anyone high up will want an Apple i-thing...

    Not at my company, we all (owners included) got Z10s and Q10s and one of the owners went back to his BB 9900 because fits in hand better and didn't like size of Q10. Our wives all have iPhones and we could have got iPhones but seeing the big deal with iOS 6 was Facebook... I like the easily replaceable battery and SD card slot much more than Facebook, in fact we are a construction company and nobody here uses Facebook, or if they do they would never admit it. We got iPads at home for playing games, watching videos and toying around, don't need that on our phones. iPad better than Playbook and BB Phone better than iPhone, and we got Win 7 64 bit on our desktops where the real work happens.

  8. Jess

    BIS reduces the roaming charge to some extent, but it's still not free...

    £40 pounds a year on my PAYG bold 9700. Never had any extra charges. It doesn't allow streaming though.

    BIS and the decent keyboard are the reasons I still keep my 9700 as a second phone. It has such poor memory management, it would have been dumped years ago otherwise.

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