back to article Michael feels package shrink painfully as Dell freezes salary

Michael Dell may have to hold off on those gold taps for the bathtub in the corporate jet, or set his sights on a slightly less horizon-girdling Texan ranch after seeing his total compensation tumble at the company which bears his name. The founder and CEO at Dell, the firm he plans to take private again, saw his package …


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"Transforming the company into an enterprise tech vendor is probably better done behind closed doors"

With the shitty margins in commodity PCs sinking deeper every year, going the enterprise way may be the only chance of survival for Dell.

At least the guy shows lots of confidence in the company he created, and want to bet some his own money on it. Kudos to him*.

*Though I've never been a fan of Dell's kit.

Anonymous Coward

Most executives are paid multiple times too much!

Quite frankly most corporate executives should be on 10% or less of their salary, /including/ bonuses and perks.

Most are disgustingly over paid! This is not envy, it is because it is a colossal waste of money and a significant cause of corruption.


Saw his package shrink?!?!?

Oooo, that's gotta hurt!

Oh wait, you meant money, didn't you. Never mind.


There is absolutely no-one, anywhere in the known universe, worth this sort of money. It is obscene, and the sooner it is stopped, the better.

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