back to article Another senior bod leaps overboard from foundering HTC

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC is reeling after the departure of another senior executive. Chief product officer Matthew Costello has left HTC after three years in post, following at least five of the firm's top dogs out of the door. Other people to leave the smartmobe maker recently include Kouji Kodera, former chief …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What you didn't mention

    Just before Eric Lin's tweet, was his employment by MICROSOFT...

    Totally un-connected of course.....

  2. asdf Silver badge

    Re: What you didn't mention

    Might have a point if they he was the only one but five senior managers in short order definitely hints at a trend.

  3. I'm Brian and so's my wife

    Spectacular change of circumstances

    In the months before I finally took the plunge with my first smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S - 3y old and now rooted) it really was down to HTC and Samsung.

    HTC really was right up there with the Desire and Wildfire. I knew marginally less about smartphones back then, but I was always impressed with HTC's offerings.

    As & when I change phones, it'll probably be the S3 mini - primarily due to the size and weight. I may look at one of the WinMo or Blackberry phones, but I'm comfortable with Android.

  4. asdf Silver badge

    Re: Spectacular change of circumstances

    >HTC really was right up there with the Desire and Wildfire.

    And and then here stateside they released the abomination that was the Thunderbolt as their flagship phone and have been struggling ever since.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Spectacular change of circumstances

    The lost the plot and started wasting their engineering effort on the failed Windows Phone. THAT was the precise moment their fate was sealed, they like Nokia signed a deal with the devil himself.

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  7. 1Rafayal

    Re: HTC invested too much in Win 8 - CURSE OF MS

    someone, anyone, please make it stop...

  8. Jemma Silver badge

    Re: HTC invested too much in Win 8 - CURSE OF MS

    Yeah, it is a little like listening to Cliff Richard on a constant loop 8 track while tied up in the back seat of a Cortina..

    If the lot at DARPA could bottle him would make a potent biological weapon - soul sandpaper - forget the charge of the light brigade, now we've got the Winge of the Eadon...

    He might even get banned by international treaty (except in Syria). One can only hope...

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: HTC invested too much in Win 8 - CURSE OF MS

    For Eadon, press 1

    For claw-hammer in the face, press 2

    To cancel your subscription, press 3



  10. Daniel B.

    Re: HTC invested too much in Win 8 - CURSE OF MS

    Curse of MS indeed. HTC has both an Android and a Microsoft arm. The MS side is a curse for anyone involved on that: Sendo, Palm, Nokia and it seems that HTC is in there. Even more as they were among the suckers who actually bought into WinRT/Win8.

    Had they invested more on the Android side (which they did pull off successfully in earlier years), maybe they wouldn't be where they are...

  11. Roo

    Re: HTC invested too much in Win 8 - CURSE OF MS

    I wish Dante were alive to admire that very special depiction of hell, I think he'd realise he could have done a lot better, dearth of Ford Cortinas in his time notwithstanding. Nice one Jemma, have a beer.

  12. Jemma Silver badge

    Re: HTC invested too much in Win 8 - CURSE OF MS

    Thanks for the drink... I lived that experience (bar the tying up part) until I was 6- then it was Cliff Richard in a Cavalier (twice) - in Wales! Thank the gods my dad never bought a Maxi...

    I'm probably permanantly scarred...

  13. TheWeenie

    Re: HTC invested too much in Win 8 - CURSE OF MS

    Sounds like the worst episode of The Sweeney ever!

    I've had three HTC handsets, and they've all been fantastic. Another issue they've always faced is the amount of accessories available for them - walk into any large-high-street-retailer and you'll see an entire wall covered in phone accessories. 40% will be for i-devices, 40% will be for Sammy kit and the remaining 20% will be for everything else from Blackberry, Nokia, HTC etc.

    HTC have made some excellent products, but they've just not got the presence of the big boys. Shame really.

  14. Jemma Silver badge

    How hard can it bloody be?!

    Make what people want and/or make enough & they'll buy it.

    QWERTY slider of the One - will sell like hotcakes against the new Blackberrys..

    Ditto lower down the range.

    Do what Nokia did.. one motherboard, various options. Or vice versa.. a range of say touchscreen/QWERTY/slide QWERTY family with varying features in the same high quality case.

    Advertise your quality. Samsung stuff is such plasticy dismal tat that even foxconn own brand would be embarrassed to sell it - like Nokia you've a reputation for hardware.. use it!

    Most important, listen to customers. Most don't want the USS Enterprise computer Core in their pockets. They want a solid phone with good features that will last. For a reasonable price. Provide it, advertise it and they will buy..

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  16. Jemma Silver badge

    Re: What Nokia did

    Get thee back under your stone...

    What Nokia did with the Symbian 3 handsets, which was actually quite clever. They standardised on one system and added/subtracted features accordingly. Everything bar the N8 gpu had the same cpu/gpu, same or similar memory, same or similar motherboard just some features changed between phones.. N8 got fm transmitter, E7 got dual tv out and so on.. saved money, easier production.

    Nokia have lost me as a customer. I'm now using a brand new £70 odd single A9 core android phone that does everything I could want or need, unlocked.

    This is going to be a problem for the Samsungs & HTC's. Perfectly capable everyday androids that'll run everything and anything without a problem for under £100.. what price a £600 HTC when everyone realises?

    Oh and for your information - had you bothered to read a single one of my comments you would know I loathe Elop Bey and the OS he rode in on almost as much as I dislike mouthy little trolls with the social grace of duckweed and the emotional maturity and inherant like-ability of a nesting Mamba.

  17. Daniel B.

    Re: What Nokia did @Jemma

    Yes, Nokia was doing pretty good decisions, even with the infighting between the consumer and enterprise divisions they had. At least, up until Elop came in and shat all over Nokia. Sadly, I had considered jumping ship to Nokia when they started releasing interesting stuff like the N900, but then Elop happened.

  18. Intractable Potsherd

    @ Jemma, "How hard can it be?"

    With the exception of your characterisation of Samsung phones as "plasticky dismal tat" (all those I have seen strike me as well-built and stylish - my Note certainly is), I agree with everything you say. There is definitely a market for a slider keyboard phone with good-enough processor (though I'd still want the ability to hand-write notes, bit I'm probably in a very small minority with that!)

    Also, please remind me not to do anything to make you upset - your invective is funny and effective, but I wouldn't want to be the subject of it ;-)

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good Hardware least when they were installing Win Mobile with slide out keyboards, I had two of them between 2005 and 2009, great pieces of kit and more capable than the original iPhone because they had 3G and a decent camera and Tom Tom GPS. Pity to see them slide down the toilet. To be honest, they seem to have faded away completely in recent years and Samsung are all pervasive. I have a Samsung android phone and tablet but they are plastic tat and would prefer that HTC or Nokia with decent hardware would be in the market.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Good Hardware

    HTC Tytn II

    HTC Desire, handed over the Mrs now because her hold phone didn't do 3G

    I liked the look of the HTC One, right up until I couldn't change the battery and install a micro sd.

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