back to article Australian government launches cloud strategy

Australia's minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy has launched the country's first national cloud computing strategy – and has hooked the success of cloud computing in this country to the success and continued rollout of the government's fibre-based National Broadband Network. Announcing the National …


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Of course ...

This follows on from ASIO's recent succesful pilot of a cloud-based strategy, hosting all its data on servers in Shanghai.



Looking forward to the day the ACS and NBN boffins will offer me hosting at a comparable price to Europe so I can host locally.

Can't see any of them working out how to deliver a Linux host w >100gb data and automated Config management for well under <$10 though. Good sentiment certainly. Howard let the horse (or rather, the entire stable) bolt on this one a decade ago when he privatised Telecom Australia and let them ignore investing in FttN and FttH.

Anonymous Coward

yeah, right

Use cloud ? from a public service that regards other departments as a bigger security risk than say, oh, the internet ? With network costs that are high ? And often unobtainable if you don't work in mainstreet Big City ?

Probably will be used, but most unreliable provider will be selected because Oz gov has a knack for stuffing up the obvious.. AC because been there, done that.


CSIRO used to...

...seed clouds to try making rain - much needed for this parched continent.

I predict approximately the same success rate with this cloud strategy.

Incidentally, the Minister for Australian Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy has the potential for a nifty acronym, but neither he nor his depart-mental (depart = go, past tense gone, thus gone mental) minions have grasped the potential for a Ministry of ABCDE. Maybe they simply followed their Minister over the edge of insanity (recall his red undepants gaffe/s).

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