What is your favourite cider?

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  1. MJI Silver badge

    What is your favourite cider?

    Need to get onto proper apples

  2. jake Silver badge

    Re: What is your favourite cider?

    My own. I grow Gravensteins (15 acres, originally planted by my great-grandfather), and cider's the best way to preserve and enjoy the ripe-picked flavo(u)r long-term :-)

    I haven't been impressed with any commercial cider here in the US.

    Currently trying to become licensed to produce small-batch calvados/applejack.

  3. MJI Silver badge

    Re: What is your favourite cider?

    Sounds nice!

    I am a fan of Westons Cider

  4. Colemanisor

    Re: What is your favourite cider?

    Any and all, especially like Stowford Press, Thatchers Gold (yum) and have you tried Pimms but instead of all lemonade. 1/2 lemonade and 1/2 cider, and of course a good slug of Gin to liven things up a bit

  5. badra100

    If you like Scrumpy Jack you should try Magners, especially with ice

  6. badra100

    woodchuck autumn.

    And whats you?

  7. Daisy22

    I love apple cider .

  8. Neil_Hines

    I also love Apple Cider.

  9. Torry_Cox

    I really like pear cider. Any manufacturer, but the most delicious own production

  10. jake Silver badge

    With a name like "Cox" ...

    ... I'd assume you'd prefer apple. I often put a bushel of Cox's Orange Pippins in with 5 bushels of Gravensteins for a nice change in my own cider.

    Perry's tasty, but tell me you don't like that atrocity called "babycham" ...

  11. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken Silver badge

    Re: With a name like "Cox" ...

    What about the Calvados, did that work out?

    As to apples: Golden Delicious. If possible from somewhere in the Puster Valley (South Tyrol).

  12. jake Silver badge

    Re: With a name like "Cox" ...

    Calvados/applejack experiment is coming along slowly. We have about a hundred gallons of 110 proof booze from four vintages aging in 2.5 gallon oak casks down in the wine cellar (43F/6C). Last year's is rocket fuel crossed with paint stripper at the moment, but the four year old is coming along quite nicely, if sipped over ice. We know the process works, the only question is will it age out to a marketable product.

    Yes, it's all legal and above board. The process itself is easy, but the .gov insists on making life difficult. The paperwork is a bitch, and we have to pay all excise taxes. And we're not licensed to allow the end product off the premises yet. Onwards & upwards ...

  13. imanidiot Silver badge

    Re: With a name like "Cox" ...

    Not allowed off the premises as the product or not even inside the stomach of a human being :)

  14. jake Silver badge

    Re: With a name like "Cox" ...

    Legally, I am allowed to get a biker gang drunk as a skunk & then send 'em on their way ... but I can't send me dear old mum home with an airline bottle of the stuff.

    i don't make the rules, I just work within them.

  15. imanidiot Silver badge

    Re: With a name like "Cox" ...

    Ahhh yes, good old bureaucracy. Where would we be without it?

  16. DidierAubin87

    Westons Cider is for me

  17. DidierAubin87

    Westons Cider is the most favorite to me :)

  18. raees

    Apple cider is my favorite

  19. Ben Bonsall

    Do you need a license for applejack in the US? In northern europe, it's normally made using an eisbock method instead of distilling, so no license is needed...

  20. jake Silver badge

    That's called ...

    ... fractional distillation by crystallization. It, like all forms of alcohol concentration, is highly regulated and taxed by the federal government. They want their cut, even for private use.

    I have (legally!) fiddled about with the ice method, but I prefer the results of a common or garden pot still ... for one thing, the freeze method concentrates methanol, but the pot still allows that part to be easily discarded.

    Still aging on wood here, but getting quite drinkable when chilled. We'll bottle the first batch when it's drinkable at room temperature or a little warmer, probably in another couple-five years.

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