back to article Storage-slinger: Sales down for 6th year running? Blame TAPE

Storage biz Quantum's position couldn't be further from that of rival CommVault. Revenues down? Yes. Both annually and sequentially? Yep. Losses deeper? Mmhmm. Annually and sequentially? Yes indeed. It's the same old, same old for Jon Gacek's crew at Quantum, where unreeling tape revenues overtook slowly growing disk revenues …


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The reality? How much storage do you really need?

Not counting OS, etc, how much personal storage do you really need? How many songs and videos do you really keep?

Personally, with Netflix etc online now, there is ever-declining need to actually save movies. Not to mention I can listen to songs again and again, but watching the same movies over and over is a drag. Perhaps 1 TB is more than enough?

I have an Apple Fusion drive (128 GB SSD plus 1TB disk) and it's about half full, mostly movies. The 128 GB SSD is mostly operating system, applications and work files - I don't bother to keep movies etc there.


The spokesman added: "Our product portfolio is a key strength, and we will continue to be aggressive about utilising our technology assets to create products and solutions that are clearly differentiated and deliver superior value to customers in both data protection and big data management. This will include new deduplication, virtualisation, cloud, workflow and archive offerings."


1. I've never seen so many marketing buzzwords In one sentence that tell me absolutely nothing.

2. People actually still use tape to back up data? I guess It goes with all the cave drawings hanging on the wall.

Seriously.. there are much better choices for reliable data storage regardless of size dvd,blu-ray,ssd.

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