back to article Facebook plans globe-spanning hardware deployment

Facebook plans to deploy sophisticated gear at the very edge of its network to cut the time it takes for denizens of the social network to interact with the site. The plans – which are still in a very early stage – were revealed to The Register by Facebook at a briefing at Interop in Las Vegas this week. They will see the …


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facebook should copy netflix

and shut down their data centers and move everything to amazon. They will save a lot of $$ I am sure!!

The netflix strategy is really nothing new, google was doing it years before them

Google should move to amazon too now that I think about it.

be sure to send me my commission mr bezos.


Re: facebook should copy netflix

So then when Amazon breaks, basically the rest of the Internet breaks with it. So when you cant watch TV because NetFlix is busted, you also cant talk to friends, or find anything else to do. Sounds great, where do I sign up?


Lumping everything together in one basket is not how you encourage innovation, and its not how you save money. When one company holds all of the cards, they have little incentive to offer it cheaper, or do anything more fancy than what they are already doing.

Competition causes innovation and lower prices by forcing everyone to try and outsmart each other.

And besides, Googles network is far too big and voluminous to fit inside Amazon.



Thought you said 'globe spamming'

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